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Skid Parish@ 11:29am 03-12-2009, IP:
looks good Cliff, nice photos,best of luck with the finish.
stu@ 4:36am 03-04-2009, IP:
very nice photos,chevy van excellent
chris souch@ 3:56pm 02-23-2009, IP:
Very good website and restoration
cliff@ 9:02pm 02-17-2009, IP:
cheers syd, I hope to see it on the road too
SYD FOUNTAIN@ 8:25pm 02-17-2009, IP:
Most impressive at the work you have done Cliff well done hope to see it on the road in the summer SYD
Bigmincey@ 3:54pm 12-05-2008, IP:
Impressive cast list Cliff ! Loving that yellow Firebird !

ged tavernor@ 10:47am 10-12-2008, IP:
Hi Cliff,
Trying to locate car/van breakdown lift for the big yellow Ford being sold on e-Bay so it could earn a living for me, noticed it had one on when you owned it, is there any chance you still have it, or know where I could get one from, and what I'm likely to pay for one. Thanks.
cliff webster@ 5:57pm 08-03-2008, IP:
due to ignorant ramblings being posted in my guestbook I have had to change the settings so that I now have to read and approve postings before they are displayed. sorry for any inconvenience caused but sad lowlife scum forced it to happen.
please continue to leave your messages
Stevetoxic@ 10:10pm 04-21-2008, IP:
Hi Cliff, sorry buddy don't know your email or phone this is the only way I can contact you.
Thanks for the sponsorship, means a lot to be able to help Cancer Research, sure to bump into you soon at one of the shows, I'll be able to thank you in person then. Steve
jim,rachel,deegan.@ 11:27am 03-29-2008, IP:
I sold you the 89 chevy. hope you're still having fun with it and all the others. Nice to see the photos of them, cheers cliff.
MrsT@ 10:19pm 02-15-2008, IP:
Great verity of motors
SimonV8@ 9:26pm 02-15-2008, IP:
Looking Good buddy!
mrs daz@ 6:24pm 02-15-2008, IP:
oooh my, you have got a big one!!!

dually that is
daz the trucker@ 6:21pm 02-15-2008, IP:
good to see some big chevys on here mate
Gator@ 5:46pm 02-15-2008, IP:
nice site love that yellow chevy she is one fine automobile

good to see the ant hill mob as well


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