Theo Booker@ 7:13am 12-31-2019
Stumbled on this after a Google search for Buick Park Avenue for sale in the UK. What a brilliant car history. I'm very jealous.
ash@ 8:09pm 12-12-2017
terrible format for a website tryin to sell my 1997 astro dayvan any ideas
mally drakes@ 8:19pm 01-24-2016
hi,was trying to find how many ltd wagons in uk after typing this in google my 73 came up then yours.ive 30 plus yanks but mainly squires and colony parks and ltd wagons from 69 to 77.there a rare beast here most of mine have been imported in the last couple of ranchero is currenly on ebay,regards mally
Ernie@ 11:53pm 06-26-2013
Hi Cliff ,it was nice to meet you all i thought i had to come on here and have a look wow the great work you all have done .
cant wait to see what you do with the sidecar ,love the mudguard on it ,lol
will sent you some pictures over the weekend
Grace Henderson@ 8:27pm 03-10-2013

Im looking for someone to do my daughters wedding in July she really would like a fifties American car or chevvy pick up. she is getting married on the 12/07/13 which is friday if any one may be available kind regards Grace
michael charman@ 3:21pm 06-02-2012
Hi, I am in the process of importing a 1978 Chevy stepside and was speaking to the proprietor of TC Transport in North Walsham, who told me about your website. I understand that you may be able to help me source parts etc?
Replied on: 9:09pm 06-02-2012

I'm sure we could give advice and depending on what you need we might even have the parts as we have a decent amount of spares. feel free to email us for anything ya need.

Richard@ 2:00pm 01-16-2012
Hi cant get through to your mobile cliff thought I would try this have you still got the zx9r for sale ? Cheers richard
dave ( airbox)@ 8:48am 03-01-2011
Hi byt,
this is airbox from the nissan pro boards site. I can't get on that site, it says account has been suspended due to section 25a of terms of service. Is this just me or is it the same for you? What's happening?
Steve Weir@ 9:17pm 01-15-2011
Loving your "big yellow truck" and the history of your motors ... don't forget if you or your fellow hot rodders want any airbrush art, then give me a shout
Julie Webster@ 2:29pm 12-22-2010
hi thank you for my stegea.nice surprise , thanks for breakfast in bed and dinner, love always your wife,love always and for ever xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oscar@ 5:00pm 08-18-2010
Hi there. The Yellow Sub is up for sale here in Holland. Could the former owner contact me? I have some questions. Thanks in advance!

Nice rides by the way!
darren and denise@ 10:40pm 08-14-2009
ha found it
Federico Selmi@ 10:24pm 08-05-2009

I was wondering if you domain name was up for sale.

Thank you
Peter and Lorna@ 10:40am 07-17-2009
Hi, been a long time since seeing you all. Just had the bad news about shaz. Do you have email and phone number for shaun. Otherwise can you pass our condolences to him with my number please. XXXXXXXXX.
gary@ 6:57pm 05-04-2009
i remember seeing that f350 on ebay ages ago, your doing A class job, what a tool your building, im building a chevy m1028a3 military truck rhd replica out of a k3500 bp exfire tender, looks like your getting on faster than me

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